Shut down

I have decided to shut down these pages for a while. Why? First of all, because I won't have a lot of access to the Internet for the next couple of months, and therefor I won't be able to update these pages anymore. Any information here will by that time, hopefully, be outdated.

Second, I start to feel that these pages aren't really good enough anymore. As I have evolved (or at least as I think I have evolved), I really feel that what my webpage has offered for the last year isn't good enough anymore. Meaning, when I finally get back to updating these pages again, it won't be the same pages as the ones I'm now shutting down.

To contact me, decrypt this message:

The utopia feels as if it's growing. If yesterday comes back slowly, it is too dangerous to avoid it. When a new day @rrives, we should face the concequences of death - bruces, scars, hungry vultures coming to get what's left of us. There is nothing one can do to avoid it. With death comes the utopia we missed in life.